Cuisine Royale

A surprising treat.

Today, when I got home from work I quickly jumped on to PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) for an hour well waiting for the girlfriend to get home. PUBG has its issues but I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying the new map, Karakin. Did Bluehole (the creators of PUBG) fix the stuttering, cheaters or slew of other issues? Nope!… But at least we got a map and some more cosmetic items to buy!

After a few duos and a chicken dinner (Battle Royale players will understand the reference), I headed out to grab some food. When I arrived back home and jumped back on I was greeted with this –

What the actual fuck… 4hours to do some bug fixes with the test server being down at the same time? What Online Gaming platform doesn’t have rolling updates in 2020?!?! Why push an update that just fixes some low priority bugs and not the slew of issues mentioned above?!

Cuisine Royale – Brutal multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry and bloody mystic.

I raged… A lot. I was in the mood to play a battle royale style shooter and Fortnite just isn’t my type of game (I prefer shooting over the macro building). After a bit of web searching and friend suggestions, I stumbled across Cuisine Royale. I started off thinking the game was a joke and turns out I wasn’t fully wrong

I downloaded the game from Steam and fired it up with the lowest possible expectations. The game was free and looked hilarious but at least it could pass the time. Man, was I wrong! I loaded up the game and picked the female gunslinger which in turn brought me to the main menu.

I scanned through the different cosmetics and finally returned to the main menu and fired up my first game. It loaded me into a small city area and well waiting for other players to join (I thought), I proceeded to configure my video and mouse settings. Turns out unlike PUBG, there is no starting lobby and another player began firing a hail of bullets towards me, killing me. I chuckled, fixed my settings and loaded the game back up ready to try again.

After a few games, I can honestly say the game is a lot of fun and definitely my new ‘Patch Day’ game. Some things to note that will help you when playing are as follows:

Where’s the Loot?

Items can be scarce. Unlike other Battle Royale games plan to use a pistol or your starting knife during the first few minutes of a game.


Looting can be difficult sometimes. When someone dies each item is littered across the floor. Use Tab with a lot of items and F when dealing with single items. Make sure when grabbing ammo to grab each clip as multiple clips will not be picked up together.

I found this GIF that highlighted just how frantic the looting can be.

Armor for days.

Most Battle Royale games have a few pieces of armor or a shield to help bolster your health. In Cuisine Royale you have 10 armor slots and 3 utility item slots. These armor pieces are found all over the map so keep an eye out.

Coins Everywhere

Currently, an event is going on called ‘Path to Valhalla’. Keep an eye out for Aztec coins and collect them to unlock items at the slot machine.

I played for a few hours last night and even got a friend to join me in duos before the PUBG servers came back online. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience and I will definitely be playing again soon… Especially after getting back onto PUBG and seeing my frames plummet well on Cuisine Royale I stayed at a constant 4k, high FPS.

UPDATE – I was so close last night :(.

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