Call of Duty – Warzone Mic Issues


I have been thoroughly enjoying Warzone and happy to get away from the buggy disgrace which is Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). One issue I have come across since playing is being unable to talk to others in my party. Below is the way to fix this so you can get to communicating with others.

First, you want to type Control Panel in your search.

Next, you want to look for the Sound icon. Make sure to have Large Icons selected.

Next look on your Playback tab for the green circle Phone Icon. This is your Default Communications Device. In my case, I plug a TV in sometimes to watch movies or play games. Even though the TV wasn’t plugged in the device was still the Default Communications Device. Select your headphones (in my case Headphones Arctis 7 Game) and right-click set as Default Communications Device.

I would recommend setting all un-used devices as Disabled. You can right-click and select Show Disabled Devices to re-enable at a later date. My final process looks like this –

Hope this helps :).


Call of Duty Warzone Crash Fix

For the people…

After countless Reddit posts, Activision forum support threads and web searching… I have finally found a solution for my Call of Duty Warzone crash. This will not fix every Call of Duty – Warzone issue but hopefully, it will allow you to at least load the game.

In my case my the game was crashing shortly after the intro logos appeared or as soon as this screen appeared. After researching quite extensively this issue is due to shader bug from months ago that still causes issues.

Shaders installing for Call of Duty Warzone.

To fix this issue you will need to use Disk Cleanup in Windows. To access click Search and type Disk Cleanup.

Searching for Disk Cleanup in Windows 10.

After launching Disk Cleanup you will see the following screen:

Direct X Shader Cache on Disk Cleanup.

DirectX Shader Cache should be your focus. Delete these files and restart your machine. On restart launch Warzone as normal. Hope this helps someone else :).

Update – As of 04/03/2020 this issue is still present. I find I need to repeat this process every 3-4days for the game to be playable. I found another thing to do which reduces crashes is to EnableSkip Introduction Movie.

Options > General screen for Call of Duty Warzone.

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