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Laragon – Port 80 in Use

Varying Vagrant Vagrants

Around a year ago I found myself unable to deal with VVV for my local web development needs. Thankfully I found Laragon and fell in love instantly. From the easy installation, quick app creation and sharing features I was surprised at just how robust it was.

Recently, however, I have run into an issue with my Apache stating Port in Use on startup. After multiple Google searches and Reddit posts, I have found a definitive solution which I have included below.

Step 1 – Run Command Prompt

Open a CMD prompt as administrator (search Command in Windows and right-click to Run as Administrator) and execute the following command:

net stop was /y

Step 2 – Open Run

Open the Run dialog box (press Win+R), then type: services.msc. Search for World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW-Publishing Service) and Web Deployment Agent Service and stop them. You should also disable them if not needed to prevent future headaches.

Step 3 – Laragon

Start Apache again with Laragon.

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